The Maestri Ceramisti series was inspired by the misterious fascination of floors in the Palace of Avignon, built in the 14th century,   when the papal throne left Rome for the first and only time. In order to make the Pope’s residence suitable for solemnity  of the role, the best craftsmen in Europe were called, and among them also many Italian Master Ceramists. Eco Ceramica re-creates today that historical atmosphere, and offers it through a stylistically and culturally unique ceramic series. Developed in the 20x20 cm and 10x10 cm size, the Maestri Ceramisti series is available in ten colours and many ornaments that can be chromatically combined to obtain always original and personal laying compositions. The structured and uneven surface, the precious glaze re-create the charm of ceramics originating directly from History that are suitable for floors and walls of the whole house.